Photo: Mickael Tannus

We have collected the most common questions about Sydostleden for you. We hope you find your answer here, if not, please contact info@sydostleden.se

Frequently Asked Questions

- How many days does it take to cycle the Sydostleden Trail?  Give an approximate cycling rate.

Count on an approximate cycling distance of 30 to 50 kilometres per day, so you have time for whatever your heart desires, be it a picnic, stopping at a café, downtime at the beach, photographing, exploring, or just plain taking it easy. The rate will also depend on how used you are to cycling.

- Which direction is easiest to bike?

Sydostleden Bicycle Route is easy to cycle with the exception of some more hilly stretches. You can choose to cycle the trail in both directions but you will get more downhill cycling if you start in the north. You will reach the highest point of the route, just over 200 m above sea level, south of the city Växjö and from there you have a small slope all the way to the south of the trail.

- Where can I order the paper map?

You can easily order the map here.

 - Can I bring my own bike by the local trains or buses?

Yes, read more about how to transport you collectively by bus or train here.

- Do I need to book accommodation in advance?

You should book your overnight stays in advance, especially during the more busy months between June to August. 

- Do I have to look up opening hours at cafes/ restaurants?

Yes, it is a good idea to do, especially if you travel before or after the high season in June to August.

- Can I sleep in a tent along the trail?

Yes, read up on the Right of Public Access here, if you are planning a night in the outdoors.  

- Can I book baggage transport along the route?

Yes, read more here.

- Where can I rent a bike?

There are several places along Sydostleden where you can rent a bicycle and associated bicycle equipment. Use the planning tool to see the Bike Service points and read more here.

Can I book a complete bicycle package of the route?

Yes, the company Sweden by Bike offer ready-made bicycle packages with accommodation, bicycle rental and food. Read more here